Western Riding classes and display

We have four western classes (with 4 divisions in each) and a display this year at our show. We are very excited to support the Irish Quarter Horse Association and would like to extend a warm welcome to all riders, helpers and spectators. Please see our schedule for class details.


Western Riding Display

Updated 28th May 2017

The Irish Quarter Horse Association and Western Riding Ireland will be introducing attendees of the Hound Show to the exciting world of Western Riding and the wonderful horses associated with it. Through a live demonstrations, riders and their horses will be displaying the great skills behind the western way of riding, explaining its use in cattle farming and that there’s a lot more to western horsemanship than wearing a big hat and yelling ‘yeehaa’ – although there will be big hats! Spectators will be introduced to the American Quarter Horse, a special breed noted for their athleticism, calm demeanour, quick turn of pace and natural ‘cow sense’, all of who have all been specially trained in Western Riding.

The riders will be displaying their skills in the sand arena (time to be confirmed), there will be a very informative commentary woven into the performance and all are welcome to come along to learn about western riding.